TMT's Closet 2.12.14

8:00 AM

As you know, I've had flares on my mind. Turns out the thrifting fairy blessed me with a pair of $15 Anlo trouser flares that, miraculously, hadn't been hemmed by the previous owner and happened to fit like a glove. Since giving these a spin around town last weekend while running a few errands, I've realized that my go-to skinnies really don't do my bodacious buttocks any favors and that this style does help to make me look not so ass heavy. I've also learned that 99% of the shoes I own look stupid when worn with said flares. I am pretty much quarantining them into 'sandal pants' territory. Sandals + flares + 10000 degree heat in Texas. That will be fun.

Unfortunately, my giraffe stems aren't really conducive to the cool "footless peg leg" look that I love the most about flares and these trouser jeans look a little 2005, do they not??? Le sigh. So, I'll settle with these floor skimmers and keep on hunting for the perfect high-waisted and ridiculously long pair for a more retro flavor. Until then, it's these all-American jeans, a pair of raggedy black flats that are literally falling apart, a bold bib necklace (bought from here a long time ago), and a crisp white shirt for me. No complaints here. Also...did I mention that flares make me dance like Tony Manero? Yep. Truth.

(Update:  After I wrote this post, I found these FP jeans that comes in a 37" inseam. Be still my heart. I just ordered them in black sand. Let's be jean twins! Just don't look better in them that me, mmmkay?).


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  1. Gorg! Though that last pic is my fave. Obvi! Miss you!

  2. Girl check out Banana Republic! I've bought some amazing flared jeans there that are extremely long!

  3. I have to ask, did those come from Buffalo Exchange? If so, I'm pretty sure those were my pants :) Either way, glad you're enjoying them!


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