Currently Wishlisted: Flared Jeans

9:21 AM

After so many seasons of (cankle-hugging) skinnies, I'm pretty psyched to give my calves some breathing room with flares. I used to have a pair of Lovestorys that I wore ALL the time, but they died in an unfortunate pant-splitting accident when I was goofing around with John and attempted a high karate kick. Certainly not one of my more graceful moments, and I am still mourning the loss of my perfect retro blues. Anyways, here's a few pairs of flares that I am eyeing for spring!

Row 2: Rag & Bone High Rise Clean Bell Jeans //J Brand Love Story Flare Jeans // Mother The Cruiser Bell Jeans
Row 3: DL1961 Joy High Rise Flare Jeans (fave! So similar to my beloved Lovestory's in that bright blue wash) // Mother The Cruiser 5 Pocket Bell Jeans // Wildfox Farrah High Rise Flare Jeans

What say you, chickadees?? Are you on board with the flare trend, or are you still loving your skinny minnie jeans?

{Images via Pinterest}


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  1. reminds me of my bells where are you?

  2. So I'm crazy for the bottom left large picture in the montage above....i love that look but am secretly afraid she's an 8 foot tall super model and no one in reality could ever look that good - but I love the MIH skinny marrakesh option because they're not too bell bottom-y but have flair. This round up is amazing!

  3. I have a pair of flair jeans that are too long so I can only wear them with really high heels... which means I never wear them. This is a really good reminder to get those hemmed! Love the inspo :)


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