Guest Posting At Purple Monkey Today

9:04 AM

Since my new blogger friend Jackie is living it up in France, Italy and Spain right now, I've been plagued with naturally, I'm sharing my fave carry-on essentials on her blog Purple Monkey. Thanks for having me, safe, avoid the gypsies (they TOTALLY pick-pocketed me), and have tons of fun!

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  1. That carry on bag is beautiful. And I usually pack some of that stuff in mine too!!

  2. Those damn gypsies! Love the carry-on feature...looks a lot like what I have in mine but I need to get some Swedish Fish in there :)


  3. ha! Oh man! The gypsies!! that was no bueno...although could have been worse ;)

    1. Yea....good thing that girl was watching them pick my wallet to shreds and then dump it in a trash can. At least my passport wasn't in there, and we were poor students. ;)

  4. I'm a PC girl as well... don't be ashamed! They are just as good, just not as trendy.


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