Pretty In Pink With Aquahaus

I'm talking breast cancer awareness and giving a sneak peek into my home for the Pretty In Pink column on the lovely Aquahaus blog today.

Cha-cha-check it out, and be sure to catch the stories of Austin babes Elizabeth Mollen, Kelly LaPlante, Kim West, and Killy Scheer too.

Thanks for having me be a part of this rad column, Cel! You da bomb. xoxo

PS Want to help save lives? Donate riiiiight here



Purse & Clutch Fall 2014 Lookbook

Cute fair trade bags curated by local lady Jen Lewis of the fab online boutique Purse & Clutch? Sign me up. It was super fun collaborating with this dream team of talent (you are all welcome to dress me/make me pretty/take outfit photos any time you want) and showing off Purse & Clutch's fab fall arrivals. I think this little Hmong beauty was my favorite....I loved the mix of neutral and neon, and the grab-and-go size is perfect for day and night.

Big thanks to Candice and Jen for inviting me along, and Katherine...you are a magician for making my groggy self look decent that early in the AM! So, shippity bippity bop over to the shop and snatch up these fall essentials. You'll be helping artisans earn a living wage for their region by rocking P&C's latest designs....it's a win-win. 

Stylist & Location Scout: Candice DePrang Boehm // Make-Up Artist: Katherine Iwans // Photographer: Jen Lewis // Models: Hanniel John and Kirsten Stoddard



Mid-Century Chair Makeover With Bolt Fabrics

John and I picked up this sad, stinky, shabby but very sexy mid-century lounge chair the very same day we adopted our little lovebug (who happens to be casually lounging on the sheepskin rug....Miles loves a good photobomb). After sneezing our way home on the hour long drive with a very musty chair in the backseat and a dirty little dog on my lap, we set out to clean up both of the new additions to our home.

Miles went to the groomer, and I headed to Bolt Fabrics. A locally-owned little gem of a fabric store on S. Lamar, it was practically impossible to pick just one fabric to choose since there were so many beautiful and affordable upholstery options. Good thing the Bolt team and my friend Sara was there to chime in! The team at Bolt were a dream to work with - they gave me lots of advice about pattern, scale, and helped reign in my design ADD. We ended up going with this 'modern with a touch of mod' tribal zig zag pattern, which was so graciously gifted for this project.

After securing the perfect fabric, I went to work ripping off the crusty old upholstery, moldy foam, and removing the 245435515484631574584684654864684 nails that the previous 3 upholstery jobs had punched into the wood frame. A few days and a prayer that I was up to date on my tetanus shots later, I had cut, stapled and upholstered a chair that John and I were absolutely smitten with.

Thank you so much, Bolt Fabrics and Sara! Austinistas, be sure to check Bolt's gorgeous selection of fabrics out for any upcoming interior projects and follow along on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see the latest and greatest. Or just pop in and say hi...it's such a fun little shop with lots of inspiring colors, patterns and prints!

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