Loving Lately 9.12.14

J.Crew Printed Silk Snood // I can't wait to get a little more bundled up...I'm counting the days until the Texas temps dip below 90! Scarves are one of my most fave fall accessories, and the little fringe poms on this round-about style is too cute. 

TooFaced Bulletproof Brow // Since we aren't all blessed with Cara Delevingne's epic brows, this budge-proof brow pomade looks like a pretty rad way to get some power brows. 

Frends with Benefits 'Layla' Headphones Oil Slick // You know when you are at the gym pounding the pavement on the treadmill, and those silly little earbuds just won't. stay. put. no matter how hard and deep you shove them into your ears? Yeah...I've had just about enough of that. These seem like a super cute solution to blast my tuneskis on. 

Hydrangea Hello Boxed Card Set // The perfect little notes to say hello to pals near and far. 

BTWN Wind + Water Crossover Bag  // A rad cross body bag in one of Austin's newest boutiques, this carry-all is the epitome of sophisticated boho with natural indigo tie dye on ultra-soft goat leather. When open, the bag fits an iPad. Shop it at Hacienda on 204 Colorado St. 

Cynthia Vincent Eloise Flats //  Cute little flats with a design to go with grey skinnies and a crisp white shirt for fall.  

Moulton // My talented friend Jen is launching 40 (!!!) new jewelry styles on September 15. If you want to get in on a discount code and first peek at new jewelry, sign up for her newsletter by Sunday night. Homegirl makes the best minimal jewelry - so great for piling on. Mo' Moulton, mo' better!



Modern Neon and Neutral French Manicure

DIY Modern Neon Coral and Neutral Grey French Manicure via Triple Max Tons
DIY Modern Neon Coral and Neutral Grey French Manicure via Triple Max Tons
So I just started a new show to binge-watch on Netflix - "Once Upon A Time" - and in between compulsively hitting "next, next, next, yes I'm still watching - thanks for the reminder that I've been glued to the sofa for 3 hours, next..," I painted on this neon and neutral manicure. Each time I look down, I get a little shock because the coral color is so bright - especially in contrast to the warm beige base. I dig it.



Traveling Italy With Milani Cosmetics Lipstick

 Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick in Sweet Nectar, Violet Volt, and Rose Hip via Triple Max Tons Blog Review
 c/o Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipstick in Sweet Nectar, Violet Volt, and Rose Hip

Texas in August...a time when attempting to look pulled together is more fantasy than reality. Makeup melts off your face in protest of the heat, your blow drier was forced into early retirement, and the looser, the better when it comes to getting dressed.

With the dog days of summer in full swing, a gal can't help but daydream about a way to make a great escape. Where do I go, you ask? Back to Italy, where I consume gallons of gelato without a morsel of guilt, smooch my hubby on the banks of the Arno where we first met, and play games of chicken with the motorini whooshing down narrow streets at unreal speeds.

Although we're saving a trip back to Florence for our 10 year anniversary, there's no reason why I can't channel a little bit of la dolce vita with some gorgeous lipsticks - inspired by some of my favorite Italian destinations - from my (heavily) air-conditioned confines in Texas.

Channel the Italian sunset on the beautiful island of Capri with Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Sweet Nectar, a citrusy orange hue that pops perfectly against a tan.

Experiment with artistic shades like this bright purple Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Violet Volt in the city that was an epicenter for the masters of Renaissance art. Not to mention cheering on the Firenze Viola at the top of your lungs. Forza Viola! I was really frightened of this one at first, but it actually turned out to be my favorite! This just proves the theory that I love anything and everything about Florence. ;)

One of the fashion capitols of the world, Milan will inspire you to strut your stuff. Go bold or go home with Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Rose Hip, a vibrant and bright pink color.

For just under $6 a tube, these lipsticks are such a fun way to brighten your summer beauty routine without having to worry about creasing eyeshadow, smearing eyeliner, and melting foundation. What are you go-to lipstick colors?!

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