A lifestyle blog about all the things I love "triple max tons". Stay tuned for regular features on fashion, food, interior design, DIY projects, and more. But what's up with the weird blog name you ask? The name is derived from a saying my Dad coined when he would get super psyched about a great piece of news or see something really cool-  the phrase in its full glory is "triple max tons to the rad squared."


Midwestern born. West Coast educated. Currently loving life in Austin, Texas.  PR gal, graphic designer, and writer. Christ follower. Sparkle & stripe aficionado. Lover of pizza & wine. Eater of Swedish Fish. Four eyes. Nail polish addict. Birthday forgetter. Natural blonde (really!). Virgo - but sometimes a Leo. Design junkie. Professional cuddler. Fan of thrift stores. Watcher of too much reality TV.

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