Beauty Essential: Eye Primer

8:00 AM

Eye primer, y'all. Don't skip it unless you are a fan of raccoon eyes. My peepers are pretty oily, and  because of that, I can't go a day without having mascara or eyeliner shimmy south of my eyeball area. I've learned that a good eye primer really does help to keep it all in place throughout the day. I have also tried zillions (that's not even an exaggeration) of waterproof mascaras and eyeliners, and nope....those just don't work for me when it comes to smudge-proofing my makeup. If any of you have this super annoying problem, I've got some sage advice after LOTS of trial and error to hopefully solve your dilemma.

The winning mascara/liner/primer combo that I've been wearing lately? Sonia Kashuk eye primer on my upper lids and lower outside corners applied with this brush, black eyeshadow applied with a wet flat liner brush along my upper and inner lower lashline, and waterproof mascara. Give it a go, and be amaaaaazed.


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  1. Ever since I started using a face oil - wonders for my skin, disastrous for my make-up - I've been relying heavily on this primer (thanks to your recommendation and my mom for sending it all the way to Germany!). Really good stuff. And I used to do the whole wet-liner-brush-and-shadow trick, but haven't in a while. Think I'll have to give that a shot again...

  2. Raccoon eyes are my norm, unfortunately. I'll give this arty and hope for success. Thanks tmt!


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