New Gallery Wall + A Disco Ball

8:00 AM

The gallery wall is now complete in our dining room (hooray!), and we added some sweet party vibes to the room with a little disco ball bling hanging from the chandelier.

I loathe that hideous Home Depot chandelier with a burning passion, and have been looking for ages for a budget-friendly replacement. The house is pretty traditional, so I think a fixture that leans a bit more industrial or modern would look great in there. What do you all think of this, this, this or this??? Any winners in the bunch?

{photo by me}


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  1. your gallery wall is honestly one of the best i've seen! i love how it extends over two walls, and ending it with the mirror is a really cool way to capture it from different perspectives in the room. as for the chandelier, i love the first and fourth ones you chose. whatever you decide on is going to be cool as hell!

    xo nicole

  2. loving the disco ball! so funny, because I'm about to buy one for our 70's theme oscar watch party...and this is def giving me ideas of where to hang it after the fact.

  3. OMG - it looks amazing! I've been in that room! LOVE!!!!!!!!! Need to copy asap!

  4. Looking good! I so feel you on the light fixture situation though. Finding great fixtures that don't cost a fortune but aren't Ikea here in Germany has been near impossible. Now that we're in Berlin, I'm hoping to discover something amazing in one of the gazillion shops here that I can actually afford. I'm really partial to West Elm's lighting (why, oh why, can't they rewire and ship for EU??) and vote the industrial chandelier. But you really couldn't go wrong with any of those!


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