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Hola, people!!! I have super exciting news to share today...our sweet little niece was born yesterday! CG was a total trooper during the labor (she was even texting yours truly...isn't that impressive?!?!), and both her and baby are doing well. I am going to refrain from posting any sort of photos of the one-day-old precious bundle (now and probably ever) since my sis-in-law's 'mamma bear instincts' are probably raging right now and I'd rather not incur the wrath. So I've got to think a little creatively about this one, but fret not, I've got another way to share the good tidings that doesn't involve personal privacy invasion!!! Instead, we can celebrate Lydia's birthday (and a very cute way to decorate a nursery, no?!) by gawking at these adorable baby animals photographed by Sharon Montrose, haha!

And to think, we've got another niece on the way in just a few days. Sending much love to you, A&A....so incredibly excited for your little bundle to arrive!! There's a bona fide baby boom going in the New England side of our fam, y'all!

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  1. wow...babies are awesome. hope all are doing well.

  2. that baby bear is just too cute. too cute.

  3. I love these prints, they are sooo adorable, the perfect addition to any nursery! Congrats!

  4. Those pics are TOO CUTE!!!!




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