Nesting // Setting Up The Nursery

8:00 AM

This weekend, John and I jump started the project to fluff the nest for our little chicklet which kicked off with moving the main stuff from my former office into the dining room and assembling the crib. The fact that we are actually making a physical space for our first born to settle into this fall made our impending parenthood feel super duper real. The whole process had me welling up while simultaneously falling more and more in love with my amazing husband as I watched him screw together this tiny little bed frame for our tiny little girl. I picked a real good one, and I am so excited to watch him step into the role of dad. Gosh, it still feels so weird saying that. He and I are going to be some incredible little girl's mom and dad. Mind blowing stuff right there.

Anyways, Miles was acting like a stage five clinger during set-up, worming his way onto my lap and nudging me when I wasn't paying enough attention to him. I hope he and baby girl become the best of friends, and that there isn't jealousy or territorial issues there. Fingers crossed Doggy Dan will help us with that particular stage! We're a few weeks in and have already noticed a big change, but lots more progress to go before baby arrives.

So, there's still a rocker to be found, decor and accessories to give it a cozy feel, lighting to be purchased and installed, closets to be cleaned out, picture frames taken off the wall (or can I leave those up? I'm afraid of them falling on her!), and who knows what else I'm forgetting. But for now, even in its incompleteness, it's my new favorite space to sit and dream and just take it all in.

Crib: Babyletto // Mattress: Babyletto Pure Core // Rug: HomeGoods (similar) // Prints: Thrifted, designed by me, or note cards // Frames: Ikea


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  1. Welcome back, looks fab and congrats! Good reminder that I need to do some blog resurrecting too.

    1. Lol, seems like life got the best of most of us blogger gals...go for it! My feed needs more Fuji Files! xo

  2. I love that you're back (I'm slowly coming back myself). Baby's room looks lovely. Henry's crib is Babyletto, too, and it has held up wonderfully! I'm looking forward to seeing the bedding you pick out for her. xo

    1. Linda, so fun to hear from you - love that you are getting back into blogging yourself, and that we're almost crib twins! :) Hope you are doing great! xo


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