Weekend In Review

10:45 PM

Woke up to the sunshine streaming in through the trees in our backyard....loving how green everything is right now because of all this rain!

Added a handful of houseplants recently to freshen up the casa, and I'm making an earnest attempt to develop a green thumb. Trying to get in the habit of watering on Saturday AM. I'm ultra-paranoid about over-watering though, because apparently I potted all my plants totally wrong and root rot is an imminent threat of death. I just can't seem to win the war against murdering plants.

Speaking of houseplants, remember that disastrous DIY I mentioned on Instagram? Consider this hot mess of a gold-leafed planter project an eventual redo. "Good" from far, far from good, you know? I mean, the bald spots and splotchy lines give it character, riiiiiight?

 I hopped in the shower, and while I was singing at the top of my lungs and scrub-a-dub-dubbin', my husband Jacques Pepin John whipped up the most impressive breakfast! I'm talking freshly sauteed spinach, mini heirloom tomatoes, freshly picked basil and a touch of parmesan tossed into perfectly scrambled eggs. It was really hard to actually eat this meal because my jaw was on the floor. Bravo, John!

On Sunday, I checked out Feliz while John was working the AIA tour. I went on a mini shopping spree and picked up a gorgeous Miranda Bennett scarf, a teeny tiny pair of baguette earrings by Erica Weiner via Olive Vintage, two Oui candles, and some birthday cards from Great Lakes Goods. So much amazing stuff in such a little space. I want it alllll.

 I love me some Uchi, so I gave James' version of their sweet chili Brussels sprouts recipe a try this weekend. Yep....she's right. These are friggin' delicious.

Later that afternoon, I met up with my mom and John so we could all hit a few homes on the architecture tour. My two cents? Shiflet Group Architects blew them all out of the water....with and without my little bias since that is where the hubs works, after all. ;)


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  1. Oh this online world is small small small... a friend of mine knew I went to Feliz while in Austin this last weekend and sent me a link to your post when she saw me holding what ended up being my own Miranda Bennett scarf (which I am also currently wearing). It was nice to chat with you that day and I am so pleased to have now I've discovered your site!

    1. Oh, so good chatting with you too Leslie! I've been wearing my scarf none stop the past two days. Definitely obsessed. Aaaand totally jealous of that amazing $5 hat you were wearing. Fingers crossed I have the same thrifting luck you do next time I hit up the shops! ;)

    2. The trick, as always, is to search in the shops far far from the in-the-know hipsters (ie. junk shop on way outskirts of Seattle for this one :)) May the juju be with you!

  2. Feliz looks sooo amazing & like right up my alley.

    1. Oh it is! It's one of my fave little Austin events. Come visit next year!

  3. LOL at "pleather daddy" and jealous you're having rain! We need some rain over here in Cali!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  4. Sweet chili brussel sprouts? OMG that sounds so so delicious. May have to add those to our Thanksgiving menu. Love all the photos here and catching up with what's going on with you. xx


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