Weekend Recap: Banh Mi, Macrame and Movies

7:30 AM

Instead of the usual sleeping in from yet another exhausting week, I woke up with pep (and poodle hair!), quickly got ready, and zoomed on over to meet Celine at Elizabeth Street Cafe for breakfast on the patio. For those of you not yet acquainted with Celine or her blog, she is a Craigslist ninja, momma to an adorable fur baby named Archie, can whip up a mean donut cocktail on a whim, schools me on essential vocabulary terms like fauxdenza, and always knows about all the coolest events around town.

As we waited for her perfectly flaky croissant with jam and my scrambled egg and sausage banh mi to arrive, we chatted about our fave TV shows, flea markets, and the pregnancy epidemic that is taking over our Facebook feeds. Afterwards, we headed over to Candice and Trilby's macrame workshop at Mockingbird Domestics, where we each wove our own wall hanging. It was actually really therapeutic, knotting the white and indigo strings together into a loose diamond and chainlink pattern. Our stained indigo fingers, which we waved around spirit finger style, were like a badge of honor. We can weave, y'all!! I've got it hanging in our entryway now, and I'm already itching to make another one! 

After the workshop, I picked John up and headed to my parents house where we lounged by the pool, reminisced about the good ol' days while we went through a stack of childhood photos, feasted on caprese salad and salmon, and debated over which movie to watch while I commandeered the remote and clicked from movie to movie like a maniac. We ended up watching Rush (which was the initial plan...it just took an hour to hit play), which we all agreed was a total "saddle up" - code for an exciting two thumb's up film flick in our family.

I have lots to be grateful about - for that perfect, relaxing and sunny Saturday, filled with quality time with family, laughs with friends, and an epic crafternoon session with a group of inspiring creative ladies. Gosh, living in Austin is just the best.


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  1. a little jeal that your family lives in town - such a sweet thing. and thanks so much for joining us at MD!

  2. that workshop sounds so fun! macrame is everywhere these days!

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend: a little food, a little project, a little downtime. And boy, do I hear you on that pregnancy epidemic! When it rains, it pours.

  4. I love that you tried macrame. Your wall hanging is fantastic. Well done! My husband is a macrame jewelry designer. He too says that knotting is very therapeutic. With a little music, he gets into a rhythm in his studio and I lose him for hours at a time. http://rumisumaq.com/

  5. OMG thats awesome! If I had been in town I totally would have gotten into the workshop

  6. OMG. That macrame panel is incredible!! ;) We need to go to intermediate class. Thanks for joining me and for all the sweet words...next up- Leisure Pentathlon!! Tell John!


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