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John and I spent the past two weekends sprucing our sad little laundry room with slick grey Ikea cabinets, and we have a couple checks left on the list until we can shout 'victory'! We started off by giving the room a coat of light grey paint, then assembled all the cabinets, hung them last week, and now we've got the arduous task of trying to measure and cut the filler pieces down. The space is grey, grey and more grey with a hint of white. I mean, I like it a lot but it needs some pizazz. We're thinking a fun blast of color or pattern in there is definitely on the docket, and the door is really the only thing we can experiment with. Prepare for it to get funky. Any faves jumping out at you? I have one, but I doubt I can convince John to go along with it. ;)


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  1. I like the idea of putting your colorful dot along with some sparkle ones all over the door...clear top coat and you have a winnah!

  2. I love the big color block on the bottom left! I would totally do this if we owned our house (#rentersforlife).

  3. I seriously love all of these! My current apartment has silly textured walls... bleh haha

    -applewood road

  4. Love these! And oh, and an actual laundry room... One of the things I definitely miss living in a small European apartment! Washer goes in the kitchen and the drier, well, wherever it will fit (ours is tucked behind the bathroom door). I do hope you'll post some pictures once you're done, as I hope to live vicariously through your dedicated laundry space!


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