TMT'S Closet: Stripes And Tie Dye

8:36 AM

I'm going to keep it real with this outfit post. It was inspired by whatever clothes I had that were clean and not crumpled in a ball on the floor (I know, shame on me). I wore it more times than I care to admit this past week, but the most fun place I wore it to was Celine's house. We played Foosball, watched the Olympics (Dong Dong is my new hero), and you know what...girl even made crepes!!! Savory and sweet. The sweet involved Nutella and bananas...I just about died and went to heaven. So, my dear new friends Celine and Justin, thanks a million for having John and I was a blast and a half. Also, Celine...I just read on your blog that you are going to visit Macchu Picchu at the end of the month. Consider me royally jealous. Want to practice smuggling someone through TSA and across many different borders? It could be SO FUN! I'll just curl up reeeeealllllyyy small in your suitcase or something.

Any of you want to make your own radical diy tie dye shorts? I posted a tutorial here.

Also, want to give a shout out to one awesome Austin biz dedicated to my fave thing ever: STRIPED SHIRTS! So, uhhh....go visit Striped Shirt.

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  1. cute mix and match! and i am heading to that website...striped shirt <3 :)

  2. gret outfit. love the pop in your lips!!


  3.'re the cutest!! Was great having you over! Will have to do it again soon! p.s.- Did you know we ate crepes again the next 2 days? Talk about loco obsessive!

  4. I love your outfit, especially the shorts! Gorgeous.

    Check out my Elaine Turner tote giveaway here!


  5. I'm so happy that you know who Dong Dong is! I love Dong Dong! Hilarious!


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