De Colores // A Staycation In San Antonio

8:00 AM

In Instagram speak, these are what I'd call wayyyyy latergrams. John and I were in San Antonio a couple weekends ago visiting his parents who flew into town, and it was quite possibly one of the most needed and relaxing staycations we've ever had. I mean, how often do you see a sloth live and in the flesh when wandering in the hotel lobby? And how often do you have the opportunity to accidentally be in town during the wonderfully colorful Fiesta? Rarely, we took full advantage and mosied about town while we waited for the in-laws to arrive via their private jet (jokes...but I bet they wished they did after their horrendous day of travel!). Just wanted to share a few snapshots because I think life is best lived with confetti in the streets, flowers decorating doorways, and streamers dancing along patios.

PS: This Kristen Bell moment takes the cake for all Slothtown, USA sightings.

PS #2: Those jeans that I have been living in since I got them? They are the Aiden by J Brand in Meadow. Total perfection. Get some.


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  1. life should be lived with confetti...and sparkles.

  2. Great pictures. I really like the way you captured the weekend because it LOOKS exactly the way it sounds: light, easy, colorful. Really good work.


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