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When you first heard me sing the praises of Bark Decor, I was in a "this shop is so cool, my head might explode" awesome design flurry. Well, now I am writing about Sara's fantastic wares with an exploding head and heart because 1.) the 2012 collection is killer, 2.) they are sponsoring this little blog of mine this month, and 3.) I am seriously smitten with everything! From the sweet briolette drop earrings to the artsy illustrated ram pillows and back to the wish-listed slouchy tees screen-printed with a rad owl and caribou, I just love the indie-meets-modern vibe that the collection perfectly captures. Oh, and did I mention that everything is totally and completely affordable? Did I also mention that Triple Max Tons readers can also get 10% off their purchase with the code BLOGLOVE? Aaaand that's your cue to shop til you drop....vamonos, amigos!

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  1. OMG they have turbans. I'm a fan, officially.

  2. second photo, top row = in loveee! and turbans?? i have ZERO and i don't know how this hasn't changed yet, haha, but this post just reminded me of what i need to pick up next!

    so great that you went to the macaron shop from my video! it's seriously my favorite one in SF and the best one there is in our city!! thanks for your sweet words about the video too!! means a lot :)



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