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Happy Friday, everyone! Yesterday officially kicked off March, aka the month of the whirlwind schedule. With SXSW hitting town, Texas Style Council, my dad's enormous birthday celebration, a trip to Palm Springs, favors to do for the fam, and prettifying the blogs of my clients, it's going to be a busy but extremely fun month.  Thankfully I've got my Google Calendar to thank for keeping me organized...otherwise, yikes. I am looking forward to this pretty low-key weekend that will be brimming with quality time with the fam - John and I are headed out to my parents house tomorrow night to babysit my nieces and nephew - aka three of the most awesome kids EVER. We usually end up playing some cards together (a game called Hand and Foot - so addicting!!) or doing some sort of arts and crafts project. We've got the Kite Festival in Zilker Park slated for Sunday....nothing like some free fun in Austin! What's going to get the hubby and I fueled for all the action this weekend? A healthy twist on my fave comfort food - sweet potato fries! I've got 3 sweet potatoes sitting in my fridge, begging to be baked to crispy perfection and dipped in a spicy sauce. Can't wait for dinner. YUM!! 

Recipe and photography via Bon Appetit

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