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As some of you may or may not know, John and I said sayonara to Boston in May and temporarily moved to Mystic, Connecticut. So what is there to do in this coastal New England town aside from noshing on lobster rolls from Abbott's, touring the Seaport, and relaxing on the sandy shores? You can add swoon over the new boutique Webster Road. I no joke went into like spastic seizure mode from the overwhelming awesomeness of this little boutique in quaint downtown Mystic. The shelves are stocked with Jonathan Adler wares, inspiring books (I bought this DIY Delicious one!), perfect throw pillows and other home decor, beautiful pottery from Jill Rosenwald, intoxicatingly delicious candles, stationary from Rifle Paper Co, and amazing crafty items from Yellow Owl Workshop. I really am only skimming the surface here...if any of you New England lovelies are planning to take a weekend trip up here, please do make it a point to check this lovely boutique out!

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  1. This boutique looks adorable! I love those yellow wire chairs. Aaand those lobster rolls sound incredible right about now. :)

  2. That is too funny - I live in Groton (right next door to Mystic). It's just weird, no one from my area ever seems to have a blog, it's all big city people! I've never been in that store (traffic over there is so bad!) but I'll definitely have to check it out! BTW, have you been to the Daniel Packer Inne yet? Go now, it is wicked good, if a little expensive. Plus it's a fabulous old, old, old building. Enjoy!

  3. You picked the perfect time of year to move to Mystic. Have an amazing summer, Kirsten! We'll miss you here in Boston!

  4. So cute, I need to take another trip out to New England. I went once but would love to go again!

  5. Augh, Abbott's?! I am so jealous.

  6. So Boston's loss! Spastic seizure mode is no joke, and I love new discoveries that send me into fits! i think I am distantly related to some captain from Mystic (or so my grandmother always said;). She did love a tall tale so not sure how true it is!


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