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No more of those decorative vessels around the house with the purpose of looking pretty and collecting dust...Boston-based Jill Rosenwald designs cool ceramic bowls and accompanying accessories that are as functional as they are gorgeous. Display, serve, or gift....they can do it all. The suzani bowl is particulary awesome, as is the bowl she dubbed "Super Bowl in Outfit pattern, Vapid colorway" (quite the name if I must say so). Want to peruse her handmade pretties? Check out her website, or find Jill Rosenwald on Etsy! Hip hip hooray for talented Beantown artists!

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  1. these are works of art!

  2. I love it all! Looks like the stuff I admire (from afar) at Anthropologie... :)

  3. kir, those are crazy beautiful finds! the 2nd bowl is almost like an optical illusion...i wasn't sure if it was an iny or an outy ; )

    ah, a fellow bostonian too. your gotta know she's good stock then for sure! happiest week ahead wishes lovely. ♥


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