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Came across these adorable (ironic word choice considering the holiday, no?) Halloween cards from Rifle Paper Co. The thing that really got me to *love* them and not like them? The fact that they are all hand painted and those awesome captions on the site. 

Plus, they are 25% off until 10/31. Too bad I still have 398490485495849 thank you notes from the wedding to write, otherwise I would definitely be sending these out.

For the wickedly delightful captions, read on...

"2010 Halloween Collection card featuring a hand-painted illustration of the notorious Halloween monster. But is he really a monster? Maybe he's just saving the world one evil ghost at a time..."

"2010 Halloween Collection Trick or Treat card featuring a hand-painted illustration." Hmm...this caption kinda sucks.

"This 2010 Halloween Collection card is inspired by the Wizard of Oz and vintage storybook paintings. It features a hand-painted illustration of our version of the Witch of the East (a reformed and not-so-evil witch we might add)."

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