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Hyden Yoo, an NYC-based designer of contemporary men’s and women’s clothing, caught my eye with their relaxed but tailored sportswear. While their online shop selection is limited, there are some great summer pieces in there that could easily add some 'pop' to your existing wardrobe basics. The line seems to weigh a bit heavier on the menswear side, but hey...there is nothing wrong about borrowing from the boys department!

If you are of the XY chromosome variety and reading this blog (which makes you extra special since you are probably my one and only), please do check out their selection of dapper duds for dudes. I seriously want to snap up this entire collection for my hubby...he would look so handsome in this jacket, shirt, and sweater!

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  1. Love, love, and one more love this! I'll definitely check out the menswear, since I am the main supplier for all things husband wears (menswear personal shopper for hire!).


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