TMT's Closet 2.27.14

8:00 AM

John and I were thrifting a couple weeks ago, and after beelining it to our respective sections, I wandered back over to him after 15 minutes with two prizes in tow. I waved around a black and magenta sequined jacket and that beaded top, wailing "why would anyone ever give these away? WHY????". John murmured, "Kir....whenever you wear stuff like that, you look like a Bollywood version of an old granny in the 1980s." I don't think he realized it, but that was, like, the ultimate compliment. Grannies are awesome, sequins are awesome, I've taken Bollywood dance classes so I've got some preeeeeeeetty sweet moves (bless my uncoordinated, clumsy heart for at least pretending like I do), and I was born in the 80s so that decade was pretty dang awesome too. It's like the quadruple threat of compliments. So, naturally, today's outfit is a case of sequins tempered with denim, a perfect oversize watch paired with lots of layered bracelets, and my go-to buckled booties.

Jacket: J.Crew // Top: Vintage // Jeans: Loft // Bag: Magali Pascal (bought in Bali) // Watch: c/o Guess // Jewelry: Son of a Sailor, Dea Dia, Vintage // Boots: Franco Sarto // Polish: c/o Guess by OPI


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  1. Love it! Also, I want to snatch that top right off you and keep it for myself for ever.

  2. this outfit is super cute! love the top. :)

  3. Super cute outfit and I love your bangles!

  4. I love the shoes and accessories. You're so beautiful!


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