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Marbled Paper // I used to make marbled paper all the time as a kid, and I remember being mesmerized as I dropped the ink onto the water in the pan, watching it ripple and swirl with all the colors around it. Once my masterpieces were done drying, I would scribble notes and doodle all over them and hang them front and center on our fridge. This is one nostalgic craft I'd love to do again as a big kid. ;)

Marbled Clay & Copper Candle Holders // I need another set of candle holders like a hole in the head, but this inexpensive DIY is the perfect balance of modern and glam.

Concrete Planters // I really dig the look of a simple, modern concrete planter. I bought a beautiful one by Oh Laszlo two years ago, and it's one of my favorites. Little succulents just look so darling in them! I'd love to make some large and in charge ones for our patio....though I might need to start pumping iron before then if I plan on making them on a bigger scale!

Gold Mugs // You know the zillions of mugs that are sadly sitting in little rows at thrift shops? I might just keep my eyes peeled for some plain ones, and give them a glitzy makeover with some trusty gold spray paint. When finished, I fully expect them to dance around my kitchen singing a rendition of "Be Our Guest."

{Images via House of Earnest, The Felted Fox, Zana, Garland of Grace}


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