TMT's Closet 1.12.14

9:30 AM

I just did a closet clean-out (spring is almost here - heck yes!), and noticed that the only colors on rotation in my closet right now are black, grey, shades of blue, white, army green, and light pink.  Oh...and sparkles. Always have to have some sparkles thrown in for good measure. My choice color palette is definitely bordering on boring, but I am liking the simplicity and how it all goes together. 

Hat: (similar) // Jacket: J.Crew // Scarf: (similar) // Top: eBay // Belt: (similar) // Jeans: Gap // Boots: Franco Sarto 'Quartet'


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  1. It's funny, after we moved to Berlin (where grey weather is pretty much a constant), I've been gravitating more towards grey and black myself. If I keep editing out the color, I'm going to end up with SAD in no time! But you are so right, the ease of mixing and matching, and just not having to really think a lot about what you're putting together, sure makes dressing a simplified, stress-free experience. At least you live where there's sunshine and blue skies! Oh, and love the boots.


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