DIY Glitter Bobby Pins

6:50 AM

I picked up a variety pack of glitter ribbon from HomeGoods, figuring it was one of those purchases that would 'come in handy in the future.' Well, after sitting on a shelf looking all pretty and sparkly for a few months, the future is now. The project? An easy way to glam up the humble bobby pin so you can coif your hair into party perfection for the holidays.

Gather your bobby pins, hot glue gun, scissors, and glitter ribbon in whatever color you want (I chose gold and silver because I'm predictable like that).  I found the exact pack I bought on Etsy if you want a rainbow of colors to hoard/stare at/wear in your hair. The instructions are probably obvious and super I almost feel a little silly typing them out.

How to Make DIY Glittery Bobby Pins

1. Cut your ribbon strip slightly longer than the bobby pin.
2. Place a thin line of glue down the center of the ribbon. I used hot glue because I had a feeling I would superglue my fingers together. ;)
3. Lay the flat side of the bobby pin on the glue, being careful not to let the glue overflow so the prongs can't separate.
4. Gently press down to make sure that there's a secure bond. Let dry.
5. Style it up! Secure twists, buns, and braids with these glittery pieces of hair bling.


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  1. SO SMART to use ribbon...instead of gluing loose glitter (which I see a lot on pinterest). great diy! xo

  2. These pins are really cute and simple to fashion! Thanks for sharing that helpful tutorial :)


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