DIY Modern Geometric Rainbow Gem Baby Mobile

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DIY Modern Geometric Rainbow Gem Baby Mobile via Triple Max Tons
DIY Modern Geometric Rainbow Gem Baby Mobile via Triple Max Tons
DIY Modern Geometric Rainbow Gem Baby Mobile via Triple Max Tons
I had one heck of a time finding a store-ready mobile that wasn't absolutely hideous and the ones I liked on Etsy were basically a bazillion dollars. It was decided...this would be one nursery project I would DIY. Handmade with love, the mobile in our sweet girl's nursery was a fun little weekend craft project to tackle that cost us under $6 since I already had the paper, glitter, and twine in my crafting arsenal.


1.) Download this 3D polyhedron template, and print the template onto thick cardstock in the colors of your choice.

2.) Cut out the shape on the outside perimeter.

3.) Use a bone folder to lightly score the interior folds, and assemble the shape with the printed lines on the inside. Be sure to leave one side open so you can string these up later! Let dry. This is a good time to laugh and love on the attention-demanding pup sitting by your feet.

4.) If you want to add sparkle to your mobile (duh!), pour fine glitter out on a paper plate. Use a paint brush dipped in regular Elmer's glue to coat one side, and press into the glitter. Once dried, mix Elmer's glue into a small dish with a little water and plenty of glitter to make a slightly thinned out glitter glue. Carefully paint it on top of the loose glitter to seal it in so it won't flake off.

5.) I opted for a brass embroidery ring instead of wooden dowels to hang the mobile. Secure the string (I used striped baker's twine) to the mobile by cutting 6 really long pieces of string. Fold in half, and tie them at the top in a loop shape. Space and tie each 'leg' of string to the hoop.

6.) Using a big eyed needle, thread the polyhedrons onto the string. Position as desired, and glue the flaps closed. These stayed in place just fine without any knots to anchor them.

7.) Voila! Sit back and admire your rad baby mobile...or keep on stringing until you have a rockin' photography backdrop, wall hanging, or fun party decor.


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