Bon Weekend!

8:00 AM

Some fun weekend reading...enjoy the winks (weekend links)!

+ Have you guys been watching House of DVF? I kinda love it....John even got a little into it when shit hit the fan about Kier's giant gold bow. Anyways, I heart and admire Diane so I thought this article on Refinery 29 was an inspiring read from a very smart biz lady.

+ If you don't follow Megan's blog, what the heck is wrong with you? Add it to your RSS immediately. I loved this podcast she did with Jessica of One Part Plant. She gets real and talks cancer, menopause, adoption, her book, upcoming screenplay, and....why meth babies are a deal breaker. ;)

+ TXSC 2015 is on....pack your best plaid, find yourself a s'mores stick and reserve your spot! This year, the conference is about getting back to basics, so the theme is CAMP. I'm super bummed that I won't be able to go this year because of SXSW commitments - boo hoo!

+ This illustration on Cup of Jo had me laughing out loud. I can't help but eye roll when couples are all "Weeee're pregnant!!!" so I am 100% behind that one. Another one are those stupid BINGS on airplanes that scares the crap out of you when it wakes you up. What are your pet peeves?

+ The '60s are my most favorite decade - the fashion! the beauty! the decor! the movies! - so this post was definitely bookmark-worthy. It has me rummaging through my hair bin for my teasing comb within 10 seconds flat.

+Speaking of which, have you seen these classic films? With the exception of the Marilyn Monroe movies, I haven't watched any of them. I feel a movie marathon coming on....get ready, Netflix.

+ Flourless pumpkin almond butter bars with dark chocolate and coconut? Ummm, get in my belly.

+ Elsie and Emma hit it out of the DIY park with this rad marbled clay ring dish tutorial. Brilliant!


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  1. Loveee those 60's hairstyles! My favorite decade too!

    The Blushing Dreamer

  2. Holy moly! Those ring dishes are amazing...and looks like a DIY project I could do. Noooo! I requested you to be my bunkmate at camp : ( Can you atleast just come for the dance?!

  3. Those ring dishes are so gorgeous. Don't look like an inexpensive DIY at all! And those pumpkin bars - swoon! I need more recipes like this in my now-gluten-free life. I'm also on the bandwagon that when people say 'we're pregnant,' I have visceral reaction.

    Have you listened to Lucius? I'm kind of obsessed with them right now and get a kick out of their straight out the '60s look.

  4. OMG that recipe - thank you so much for sharing. We just dug through tons of old MSL to find some recipe inspo. Great round up, K!!


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