Not So Mellow Yellow

9:00 AM

1. Belt // 2. Shorts // 3. Dress // 4. iPhone Case // 5. Scarf // 6. Sandals

How can you not get a little happy whenever you wear this hue? It's bright, it's a little shocking, and it's totally awesome. Pale yellow, no siree. I'm staying far away from that hot mess of a color. But the saturated yummy yellowness that can't help but brighten up any room you walk into? Oh yes. It's a good thing Viviana and Olivia approve, too....I mean, hello gorgeous!

Oh, and that whole schtick about blondes not being able to wear yellow? So not true.  Case in point here, here, here, here and here. Booyah. Wear it we shall!


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  1. Those sandals. I am now obsessed with them.

  2. Those yellow shorts are everything! Love.

  3. Your blog is looking great! Lots of people think they can't wear yellow, but I love it, especially in the summertime. I really dig the neon green/yellow you have pictured. I'd wear everything!

  4. I've been rather obsessed with yellow lately myself, but more of the neon variety. It really helps when spring grayness is hanging on too long when everyone is just ready for summer to begin - like it usually does here in Germany! I just bought some cute DV knock-offs from Target, but I'm starting to regret not opting for the bright yellow version... and that dress is divine!!


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