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I went on a little beauty buying spree for my BFF's wedding two weekends ago - I justified it on the grounds that it was the same cost to have my hair/make-up done, I've watched a heck of a lot of YouTube tutorials, and I got to keep the goods afterwards. Some of the stuff I bought isn't pictured because they were kinda 'blah' and I'm feeling lukewarm about them (ahem, Kate...disappointed with this lipstick), but others turned out to be real gems for not a whole lot of cash.

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Brush
The mother of all round brushes, clocking in at 4 1/2". This thing is huuuuuuge. It's comfy to hold, and it doesn't get tangled in the rat nest that is the wild and super curly hair on the underside of my head. It gives lots of volume and body too. Cha-ching!

Sonia Kashuk Eye Quad in Shimmering Sands
I absolutely love these, and have worn at least one of these neutral hues every day since I bought them. While the colors are neutral, they have a nice shimmer or bold sparkle to them. It dresses up my eyes really subtly for day, and is a great base for night.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Waterproof Mascara
This mascara is awesome sauce. I usually look a hot mess by noon since my mascara smears all over my eyes, but nope...this stuff stays put. I also really dig the big fat brush - it won't leave any lash behind.

After examining the ends of my hair that more closely resemble a fern bush than a single hair, I've recently become somewhat of a product junkie. Ever since I bought this blow dry lotion, I've added a few other Redken products to my arsenal. I love how this smells, protects my hair and doesn't weight my fine hair down. Win-win.

Sonia Kashuk Extreme Wear Eye Primer
My name is Kirsten, and I have oily eyelids. There, I said it. Once my eye makeup is applied and left to settle, it moves faster than a cheetah on the prowl. My eyeliner and mascara usually end up in the crease of my eye, smeared into the outer corners, or shoved into the inner corners. Uncool. This stuff really helped it all stay put through a night of sweaty nervousness, watering eyes and hardcore dancing. That wins my stamp of approval. 

I'm a bronzer gal through and through (this is my ultimate fave), but I felt like I was left behind on the blush bandwagon. Plus, I wanted a hint of pink to go with our coral bridesmaids dresses. I didn't want a blush with any shimmer or sparkle in it since my bronzer has that covered, so this was an immediate winner. It goes on pretty sheer - I have to layer it up quite a bit to notice it, but perhaps that a good thing...unless you want to look like this (in which case, I urge you to kind step away from the beauty products and go get your head checked).

No7 Beautiful Brows Pencil in Blonde
Coming from the Princess of Sparse Eyebrows (my momma is the reigning queen...she has like 3 hairs), this eyebrow pencil rocks. The color is perfect, and I just lightly fill in my brows. Afterwards, I groom them with the brush on the other side. Makes me feel like a bona fide Brooke Shields.

Amarte Daily ExfoliPowder*
This is one of the coolest products I have ever seen. It's a super fine powder that turns into a luxe creamy consistency when you wet it. Awesome for travel since it's not a liquid, and gentle enough for everyday use. My skin was craving a good scrub after shellacking on all that makeup for the wedding weekend, and this fit the bill perfectly. *This was in a Bollare PR goodie bag from SXSW.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
What can I say? This stuff is really nice. It makes my lips feel like they are swaddled in velvet and helps combat those evil little lip flakes. 


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  1. I have that Fresh lip treatment too and I love it! I know you will too.

  2. i use a similar face powder than turns into a creamy foam by AmorePacific. I love it!

    1. They are the coolest! I feel like a magician when I use it. So so so handy for travel.

  3. Ooo, thanks for the tip on the eye primer! I always have an issue with my shadow staying put and it seems like the only products that do the job cost an arm and a leg. Heading to right now...

  4. that is my favorite blush of all time! i go through it like a crazy person, but it's just that magical. i, too, love that it doesn't have any shimmer because that tends to make me look oily/like a child. this one gives me the right amount of color to awaken my face on even the sleepiest days.

    i can't wait to check out her eye primer!

    xo nicole

  5. your beauty spree paid off! you looked sooo good for the wedding! hotness. xo


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