The Pet Alternative

I desperately want to get a puppy, but my better judgement quickly replies "Are you friggin' insane, Kirsten??" Let's be real....I don't have the space, money, or mommy skills right now.  Not to worry, though...I found a fluffy and awesome alternative that doesn't shed (hopefully) and won't pee on our rug. It's the Mongolian lamb bench from Jonathan Adler. 'Atta boy.

Yep, I Have A Thing For Velvet Upholstery

Hey, guess what future navy blue velvet couch?! You haven't been usurped on my wish list yet, but you better give a warm welcome to your new competition.
I love its skinny minnie legs, chic neutral purplish grey color, cozy velvet upholstery, and classic sleek lines.  
Wouldn't it look amazing with this console I can't afford??


Etsy Finds: Jonna Saarinen

Jonna Saarinen is a lover of VW Campers and foxes.
I am most definitely a lover of her textiles, trays, and tea towels.
Her use of bright color and abstract shapes are out of this world awesome.
I would love to see one of those trays holding all the goodies on my desk (have to attempt to maintain the chaos somehow).
Isn't Jonna's line simply stunning?!


Steven Alan, You've Been Wishlisted (Again)

 So so so so so in love with the barrage of spring goodies that just arrived at Steven Alan. That open back shirt with my fave color du jour - that beautiful persimmon hue - is the hotness right there. The yellow shorts kind of need to be on my bum this minute, and the Hawaii bikini? So perf.


DIY Bleached Tie Dye Denim Cut Off Shorts

Texas = scorching hot summers. Scorching hot summers = shorts. My closet = 2 pairs of shorts. To make amends with this little fashion dilemma, I needed to stock up (and quickly) since the temps are already in the 'it feels like summer, and hell no I am not going to wear pants' zone.

I headed to the thrift store and bought 2 pairs of absolutely heinous tapered-leg mom jeans. When I tried them on, I had about a 5 minute gigglefest. Literally. I gave myself a budget of $10, and came flying in at $4.83 for both pairs. Hurrah!! When I got home, I made some preliminary chops and got the fit somewhere in the ballpark of where I wanted it to be. I like to cut my shorts a little longer and fold them up, but the fray situation might get a little OOC. Who knows. Can always cut more later on. After I cut them, I crinkled them up into a little ball and tied it off with twine.

Here's your que to go change into some ratty clothes, because I don't want to get my rear end kicked because someone got bleach all over their J.Brands. Cool? Ok. Onward we march. Put your little denim ball in a bowl and make a 50/50 bleach-water solution. I ran out of bleach and couldn't fill it to the top, so in that case, just use tongs to rotate the jeans around so they get evenly dyed. Really nice jeans will take about an hour to bleach out, but since there were el cheapo jeans from Old Navy Outlet and Ralph Lauren, I saw results in about 15-20 mins.  The jeans will lighten up after you wash them, so be careful not to overdo it on their bleach bath time. I also covered the bowl with a hotel shower cap so the bleach fumes wouldn't take over my apartment and singe my nostrils. It didn't really work that well, but hey, I tried. Word to the wise here: if you are doing 2 batches like I did, do the lighter denim first. The black denim started seeping this super bright orange/yellow dye and turned the bleach/water mixture yellow.

When you are done, carefully dump the bleach and jeans out into the sink. Cut the strings to reveal your tie dye masterpieces (my fave part!!!), and rinse with some water. Transfer (without dripping any bleachy water from the shorts onto the floor/carpet/basket of laundry like I did) to the washing machine. Wash and dry the shorts ALONE, and give yourself a high five over your rad new shorts that cost less than lunch at Torchy's Tacos!

Oh, and you can go ahead and ignore the fact that I took one of those photos in the bathroom. I'm all sorts of embarrassed over that. #photographyfail


Etsy Finds: Oelwein

Handmade in France, I am just smitten with the bold colors and certain cool factor the tea towels, prints, and notebooks from Oelwein posses.


To Delta Or Not?

Husband and I have been living in the dark - literally - because I can't seem to find a pair of lamps for each side of our DIY bed. I have a bizarre attraction to lamps that seem to be in the $600+ range (who justifies paying $600 for a table lamp??) or are out of stock. Everything in our price range is très tacky or el cheapo. I came across this Robert Abbey "Delta" lamp, and can't decide if it's a possible contender or not. I can't tell if I like it because it comes in a rainbow of colors...is it a cool enough lamp on its own? I DON'T KNOW!! So, naturally, I turn to you, dear readers, for your 2 cents. 

Do we like this lamp? What color would you choose?


Flamingo Love

 Tickets to visit the P-I-Ls (parents-in-law) in Florida are booked for the end of April, and hubby and I are supa dupa excited to visit them! It's always so much fun spending that time with them, sitting by the pool, going for boat rides alongside dolphins, frolicking in the ocean, watching movies, and eating sauteed ruffy fish (soooo gooood). But, of course, you can't really go to Florida without spotting those miraculous flamingos it so so well known for- real or of the plastic garden variety. Since it seems like other ladies aside from myself are keen to steal their swagger (cough cough J.Lo and Brooklyn), I'd thought I'd do a little round-up on some fab pink finds inspired by these long-legged beauties!  {Shop The Look} ASOS Summer Dress In Florida Print


A Peace Treaty Jewelry

I first wrote about A Peace Treaty in this post, and after digging a little deeper and visiting their site, my jaw dropped and I may nor may not have started drooling over their amazing collection of jewelry and scarves. The shark teeth rings and tribal pendant necklaces have stolen my heart!


DIY Fabric & Cork Hanging Jewelry Display

 I have a lot of necklaces. It's true. Since tucking them away in a jewelry box meant navigating through a snarly scary mess of a knot, I started pinning my necklaces up on a hideous plain cork board.  After waking up morning after morning and seeing what was lurking behind my precious baubles, I decided it was time for some DIY prettification. I wasn't up for anything complicated, and wanted to use things I only had on hand (aka not spend any more dinero on one-off crafting items).
 The steps are pretty simple. I grabbed the spray paint primer and Krylon metallic gold spray paint I already had. I sprayed the whole board with the primer (even the cork...I don't know why I bothered to do that). 20 minutes later when it was dry, I used tacks to fasten a brown paper bag to the cork to protect it from the metallic spray paint. I gave it a few coats of the metallic paint, and let that dry for about 2 hours. I then ironed my ivory linen fabric, dumped tacky craft glue all over the cork, spread it around as fast as I could, and laid the fabric on top. After smoothing out any wrinkles, I used my fingers to make a nice crease at the edge and pressed firmly to make sure the fabric stuck. Then comes the waiting game for the glue to dry. Once that is done, use an x-acto knife to carefully trim to excess fabric away. Use a tool to help pry the little bits of fabric you couldn't cut under the frame so you don't see any fraying edges.
 Voila! There you have it....a gilded linen jewelry display board. Granted I took this photo when I only had about 1/8 of my collection pinned up.
I need another necklace like I need a hole in my head. Yet, I can't resist. Hmm...I might need to make one more of these.

Homie Of The Day At Sister Disco!

Hey, y'all! I'm featured as the "Homie of the Day" over at Sister Disco on this fine Spring morning. I'm yapping all about what's on my sartorial wish list for Spring. I was super stoked when I got an email from Farrell at Sister Disco asking me to do a little post for the blog, because 1. it's an awesome blogeroo and 2. isn't that the most amazing, awesome, and cool column title? Sounds just like me. Now skedaddle on over to Sister Disco and check it out!

Thank you, Farrell and Sister Disco! xo


Coral & Turquiose

images courtesy the designer insider // lk designs "summer breeze" earrings // sincerely, jules
When conjuring up colors that remind me of warm weather, I always seem to come back to coral and turquoise. They just go together like peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, stripes and sequins. I suppose this summery color scheme was inspired by the recent weather here in Austin....83 degrees and sunny. I'm beginning to gather that March through May are what I'd consider 'summer months' in Texas.....since I've dubbed June through August (and part of September) the "fiery inferno of hell" months. Ughhhh dreading it. Perhaps John and I can just bounce for those months and head to Hawaii??? Argentina?? St. John??? In our dreamssss.


I Like This 'Zoid' Console For Two Reasons...

1. It's beautiful. The 'Zoid' console, designed by Meier/Ferrer, is completely awesome. White stone, brass, sleek geometric lines- it was love at first sight. I mean, I'm talking butterflies and sweaty palms love at first sight....followed by the earth shattering revelation that this console will probably never be mine. Not even when I politely ask it on Valentine's Day. Nope...totally out of my league. Why must you be so expensive? WHY, ZOID CONSOLE, WHY???

2. It speaks my language. I am all to familiar with the term "zoid"...but not for reasons involving really cool furniture. My fam is big on making up phrases and words (one of which just so happens to be this blog's namesake: "triple max tons to the rad squared"). With an ever-growing repertoire of slang words usually only said amongst us Powell people, "zoid" is usually heard alongside another Powell-ism, "pub nut." Both terms have the ability to equally make my stomach flip...they are what we call ZITS AND BLACKHEADS!!! HA!! Ewww.


La Sardina Lomography Cameras

{1, 2, 3, 4
Since I usually apply a lomo filter on all my point-and-shoot pics, I suppose I might as well start shooting with the real deal. These La Sardina cameras from Urban Outfitters definitely fit the bill....how friggin' cool are they?? LOVE.


Currently Craving Radish & Pea Salad

{image courtesy a couple cooks // graphic elements by me}
My mouth is watering just looking at this radish and pea salad with lemon oregano vinaigrette. Fresh, light, and the perfect dish for spring. It always baffles me when I learn that my nieces and nephews (and my mother-in-law!) are not fans of these sweet little morsels.  I mean, really, why are people hating on the humble pea? 

On that note, I really hope one day we will all live in world peas. Perhaps if we all become hip-peas it could happen? Peas, love, and all that other kumbaya stuff. Ok....I'll stop now. I am totally embarrassing myself with the elementary-level puns I somehow can't resist telling. BUT I bet all that laughing worked up your appetite, didn't it? Now go make this salad. 

Update: I stand corrected!! Just got an email from my mother-in-law proclaiming, "I LOVE PEAS, LOVE PEAS...LOVE PEA SOUP, COLD PEAS, HOT PEAS." Apparently I confused her for someone else. So, dear readers, if you leave with any insights today, it should be that my m-i-l is one of the loveliest pea-eating machines on the planet.



While doing some research for a future blog post, I spotted some ear cuffs on ASOS, Topshop, Shopbop, and Urban Outfitters.  At first I was a bit wary of this hardcore-looking jewelry, but then I started warming up to the look. No piercing required....just  a pinch to tighten the cuff, and you are set. This type of jewelry could especially be good for gals like me who are (cursedly) allergic to nickel and silver and just about any other metal used in somewhat affordable earrings.  I def want to give one a try. What say you, readers?? To punk, or just perfect? Would you wear one??

Oh, and if you are in the market to add an ear cuff to your wardrobe repertoire, here are some cool options that I spotted:



{Left image courtesy Elle Magazine // Right image by me}
I have been meaning to share this frozen lime yogurt recipe with y'all after making it this last week, and there's no time like the present...especially since I am presently sitting smack dab in the middle of a desert. I have been craving this super easy-to-make chilled concoction like woah. I've got another bowl full of limes waiting to be squeezed and made into this amazing (and fairly guilt-free) treat when I get back to Austin. This time, I won't be skipping the graham cracker crust....nom nom nom.

At Son of a Gun, makes 1 quart
4 c simple syrup (*I used 1 1/4 c and I thought it was definitely sweet enough)
1 1/4 c lime juice, strained
1 1/4 c Greek yogurt (*I used Chobani non-fat vanilla)
3/4 c sour cream (*I used regular sour cream)

1. Puree all ingredients together in a blender for 1 minute.
2. Churn in an ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions and then freeze.
3.  To complete dish, spread a thin layer of meringue (recipe at ELLE.com/living) on the side of a bowl. Gently apply flame using a blowtorch (*Really?! This got me laughing a bit...guess us mere peasants sans culinary blowtorches have to skip this step. I'll save that job for Son of a Gun). Place a small amount of graham cracker crumble (below) underneath and next to yogurt. Microplane lime zest for garnish.

1 c all-purpose flour
1 c light brown sugar
1 c granulated sugar
1 c graham cracker crumbs
1/2 lb of butter

1. Mix dry ingredients, and cut in 1/2 lb of butter; mix with hands.
2. Bake at 350°F for 10 minutes. Rotate and repeat.
3.  Let cool slightly, and crumble

Makes about two quarts, enough for 30 servings of the frozen lime yogurt
1 c egg whites
1 3/4 c sugar
1/2 tsp salt

1. Whisk ingredients in a bowl and set over a double boiler until mixture reaches 120 degrees F˚.
2. Transfer to a KitchenAid mixer and whisk on high speed until thick and glossy.
3.  Chill.
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