Flamingo Love

9:44 AM

 Tickets to visit the P-I-Ls (parents-in-law) in Florida are booked for the end of April, and hubby and I are supa dupa excited to visit them! It's always so much fun spending that time with them, sitting by the pool, going for boat rides alongside dolphins, frolicking in the ocean, watching movies, and eating sauteed ruffy fish (soooo gooood). But, of course, you can't really go to Florida without spotting those miraculous flamingos it so so well known for- real or of the plastic garden variety. Since it seems like other ladies aside from myself are keen to steal their swagger (cough cough J.Lo and Brooklyn), I'd thought I'd do a little round-up on some fab pink finds inspired by these long-legged beauties!  {Shop The Look} ASOS Summer Dress In Florida Print

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  1. I don't know if you two are Jimmy Buffett people, but he's going to be down there at the end of April. My cousins are going there for it. Put on this flamingo stuff and you'll be ready for some Buffett!

  2. Have fun in Florida! Those pink jeans are awesome!


  3. I wish I could pull off a jumpsuit because that one you have featured there is FAB. :)




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