A Peace Treaty Jewelry

8:11 AM

I first wrote about A Peace Treaty in this post, and after digging a little deeper and visiting their site, my jaw dropped and I may nor may not have started drooling over their amazing collection of jewelry and scarves. The shark teeth rings and tribal pendant necklaces have stolen my heart!

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  1. more necklaces to add to that amazing collection of yours!! very cool jewels.

  2. I really like how you are building up your blog with these series of Excellent post!! its amazing that what I am really looking for has got the fashion related information from here. Silver Jewellery is fun! You feel like having’ a good time when you wear a piece. I am a great fan of Silver Necklaces, it has something about it which stands it out from traditional jewellery. As a blogger, even the simplest things others take for granted can seem a mystery to us!


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