Looking Up: Colorful Ceilings

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I don't like to think I'm a creature of habit, but indeed I am - especially when it comes to interiors. My motto? "When I doubt, paint it white." Classic, clean, and pristine white. Ditto for light grey. Dependable? Yes. Perhaps a bit boring and predictable? Probably. Since I like the unfusiness of simple, neutral walls, I'm thinking it could be pretty fun to bring some much needed color into the room through the ceiling. Stripes (swoon), trellis patterns, or a plain solid are all a killer look. I dig it. Now all I need is a house....but that might be a long ways off. Can I come paint your ceiling instead?

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  1. I love!! Great inspiration for the bedroom!

  2. Yes, come over and paint my ceiling. No house-hunting luck last weekend??

  3. My ceiling is all yours. Do as you wish.

    I feel like people always forget about a prime piece of decorating real estate when they ignore the ceiling.

  4. I like that motto, "when in doubt, paint it white"... it's a classic.. but I have to admit colorful walls are more me since they tend to change my mood.. colorful rooms have a certain aura don't you think?
    anyway... how amazing are these ceilings.. thanks for sharing the photos... I think I'm gonna try a colorful design on my atelier's ceiling.. perhaps even a moon with stars or something kind of gipsy-like
    cool blog!

  5. So happy that you wrote this post! We just painted the dining room ceiling a shade of blue similar to the last photo with tan/beige walls. My hubby is going to put molding around the ceiling, but in the meantime I've been having major doubts that it was the right thing to do. These pics re-assured me that it's going to look like I hoped when it's finished. As for your house-hunt, don't be discouraged! We lost out on a couple of homes that we thought were 'perfect' before we found the one that was meant to be ours. Each time it seemed like a big disappointment, but looking back, it was a blessing that none of the others worked out. xoxo

  6. I love these! Really inspiring me to do something about my lame bedroom. As soon as we get back from our honeymoon, I'm jumping headlong into overhauling our house, so I'll keep this post in mind!


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