Bon Weekend, TMT Dears!

9:30 AM

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Happy Friday, y'all! What have you guys got going on this weekend?

John and I have a contagious case of the house buying blues, with more flops and fails than wins on our side right now. Rumor has it that the only cure is a healthy stack of homemade pancakes. So, self medicate we did. If you are anything like me, you KNOW those will be swimming 6 feet under Aunt Jemima's imposter syrup. Breakfast blasphemy, according to my maple syrup-loving family....but yumm, I love that faux butter taste.Don't judge though. The pancakes are whole wheat. That makes up for it, right?

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  1. yummy pancakes! looks divine!


  2. Fingers crossed for you! It'll all work it, it always does. And there isn't any good story to tell anyway if there isn't drama before you get to the good stuff :)


  3. The pancakes look yummy! My best has been house hunting with her bf and it's been a lot of disappointments. They've put in a lot of offers but no bites. It's tough out there! Good luck with the house search!

  4. The perfect place will come at the last moment. When you are about to sign onto something you’re not completely in love with but it works. When you have pretty much given up all hope. Kind of like finding the one.

    And as for all the ones you see that you want and someone else gets first.... trust me there is something wrong with them (mold, bugs, leaky pipes, etc.) and fate is just making sure you find the right place.


  5. Hang in there with the house hunt! What's meant to be will come when you're least expecting it :) And in the mean time, please enjoy another plate of those amazing-looking pancakes for me :) xoxo! eliza


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