Minty Fresh

7:13 AM

There's just something about mint green that is so universally flattering, current, and perfect for summer. I almost feel cooler just looking at it. Speaking of cooler (this time of the icebox variety), I think John and I might pack up a little picnic lunch and head over to Zilker be total bums and lay around the house. No set plans really....just seeing where the day takes us! What do y'all have planned for the weekend?

{Get Minted}
Blank Denim Jeans (similar here and here)

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  1. Love that bangle set, it's gorgeous!

  2. Love this post. Thing is, I am obsessed with pastel mint green whenever I see it but own nothing of it. Must be remedied (I am procrastinating finals work...)


  3. feels fresh and perfect for hot days ahead-love it!

  4. Those glasses might end up on my birthday list. Dig them. I've never really worn mint green before.
    Hope your weekend is awesome. I've got Margaritas on the agenda, other than that, not much else planned.


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