Caitlin Wilson Textiles

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When it comes to decorating our apartment, I am totally OCD about hoarding as many inspiration photos as I possibly can. Have you seen my Pinterest? Yep...every room has got its own board full of ideas that simultaneously clash and coordinate. I'm a fickle lady when it comes to design, and I think that obsessive hunting-and-gathering of inspiration stems from this bizarre notion of wanting to see EVERYTHING. Why? So when I finally do decide on some minute detail or big purchase, I'll love it for FOREVER. This method usually means I decorate at a snail's pace, but admittance usually is the first step to cure the problem, yes?? There are moments when I want to toss everything out the window and start from scratch, to create a room that feels like "me." There are two problems with that though. "Me" is actually a "we" with two different styles, and "we" do not have too much of a budget to redecorate. While we have triumphantly checked some things off on the list, our apartment still gives me the occasional case of the blahs. Enter Caitlin Wilson Textiles. Her patterns and colors are bold, edgy, fresh, and clean...just what our place needs. Are you seeing how gorgeous these textiles are?? My eyes practically did a happy dance upon seeing them. My couch is begging for them. My bed is cheering for them. To put it bluntly, I WANT THEM ALL!

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  1. I love her line, and she's so talented, I have a couple of her pillows on my wishlist as well ;)

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  3. Love them. Love them. Love them.


  4. Omgosh these are AWESOME. I'm absolutely in love with her designs - thank you for the introduction!


  5. Gorgeous textiles, love the bold geometric patterns and colours too.


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