J.Crew, I Nominate You

9:58 AM

I am somewhat of a minimalist - clutter gives me the heebie jeebies, unorganized table tops annoy me, and jam-packed closets overwhelm me. Ironically, that's the very thing I want to do every time I visit J.Crew. Stockpile and hoard. I swear, I can't even look at these outfits without getting heart palpitations. LOVE.

I think we should elect Jenna Lyons as President of the United States. She could sure as hell come up with a way to get this country out of debt....I mean, I'm basically asking her to take my paycheck each month already.

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  1. I totally agree! Also, seeing all the long wavy hair in their catalogs just makes me want to attach weights to mine and yell "grow, hair, grow!"

  2. Jenna running could be what it takes to interest me in politics. USA! USA! USA!

  3. I'd vote for her. Actually, considering the alternatives, I might just write her in on the ballot.

  4. I love this collection so much that sometimes I can only express what I feel using curse words. In the best possible way :)



  5. I follow a board on pinterest called 'If life were perfect it would look like a j-crew catalog'.
    truer words...


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