A Guide To Figure-Flattering Swimsuits

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In the summer, nothing gets me more 'sclame' (a lovely mash-up of self conscious and lame that was coined by my pal Kristin) than bodies of water. Specifically ones that require teeny bikinis. I have a hunch that I am not alone in this, so I figured I would share some tips I've learned along the way for looking and feeling your best while wearing the least amount of fabric possible.

You know that song "Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini"? Well, eliminate that from your vocabulary and wardrobe, girl...you need to support the twins. Look for underwire tops that will provide some lift, and make sure the straps provide ample support and won't dig into shoulders. If you've got a vendetta against underwire tops, a thicker halter-style will do the trick.  Keep an eye out for styles with a thicker band underneath to avoid any underboob spillage outage.
Juicy Couture Intersection Mitered Underwire Bikini Top & Bottom
So you've got a little pooch going on...so do most people! High-waisted styles have a fresh, retro-vibe and help pull your belly in. Look for color-blocked paneling on the sides of one pieces- it instantly gives the illusion of whittling inches off your waist. Just like for everyday wear, belts are a great way to define your waist and add a sexy Bond girl-type look to your poolside style.
Marysia Swim Sardinia Reversible Maillot

Welcome to my world, ladies. I've got a total case of blogger butt - too much sitting in a chair makes for a copious derriere. Focus on bikinis that are solid on the bottom and brightly patterned or textured on top - it helps draw the eye up and away from your bum. Don't try to cover up those hips with diaper-size bottoms - lower cut styles with fuller coverage in the back can provide a modern fit (and no, I am not talking boy shorts....they are NOT FLATTERING AT ALL). Also, string bottoms aren't going to do us any favors. Instead, thicker bands on the sides of bottoms or big rings help keep things looking proportional.
Tory Burch Ruffle Stripe Underwire Bikini Top and Skirted Bottom 
Juicy Couture Boyshort Bikini Top & Fuller Coverage Bottom
Beach Sexy® Sara Halter Top & Forever Sexy™ Mid-scoop Bottom

Some times you got to fake it 'til you make it - no gross surgeries required. Look for embellishments to amp up the volume - ruffles and fringe are your friends. String triangle tops are also great, since they play up even the tiniest of lady lumps. You can always opt for a little padding up top, and a sassy cheeky cut bottom to show of your....ahem....assets.
L*Space Audrey Halter Bikini Top and Bottom 
Prefer to break a sweat on the beach? I don't blame you. You've worked hard for those toned arms and ripped abs...and well, I am royally jealous. The key is looking for things that won't shift too much while you're doing squats in the sand or spiking that volleyball. Last time I checked, wedgies and nip slips aren't that great of a look for anyone...even those that look like supermodels.
Mara Hoffman Print Underwire Bikini Set 
Don't be afraid to flaunt what you got! Embrace those curves, and channel the shapely styles of days gone by when you are sunning yourself. Think pin-up girl gone modern. Ruching helps camouflage any less-than-smooth areas, and patterns are great to give the suit some vintage flavor. Whatever your shape, just make sure you are properly supported - thin little straps or side-tie bikinis will likely dig in and be uncomfy. 

Congrats on your pregnancy! You've got an enviable glow, and a burgeoning bump to work with. Just because your waistline is a little - ok, a lot - bigger than normal doesn't mean you are relegated to a muumuu. To be honest, I have zero experience working it in a maternity suit since John and I are sans kiddos...but one day, cute vintage styles and easy tankinis are probably what I'll be looking to sport.
ASOS Maternity Swimwear Tankini In Spot Print
Belabumbum - Maternity Ruched Tankini Set
Old Navy Maternity Halter Bandeau Tankini & Bottom
My parting words? When you start focusing on the things you don't like about your body, focus on the positive...find 3 things that you LIKE for every one thing you DON'T. Good luck, don't get frustrated, and remember - you are 100% hot no matter what body shape you have.

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  1. Great post! For ladies with the big knockers, I can't recommend Vix enough! Shoshanna's suits are amazing too, and even Becca's all have super supportive tops with no underwire (up to D cup, I think). Plus you can buy the bottoms separately - those are the only brands I wear! And Saks knocks 'em down to 50% in early July too ;)

  2. Great post! I always have a hard time keeping my ladies at bay, and those were great suggestions!

  3. I like the Aye, Aye Cabin Two Piece. Super cute.


  4. Love this! Buying a new swimsuit is the absolute worst!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  5. haha I like how you just dive in with "For gals with big knockers." You won't find that copy in InStyle ;)


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