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10:17 AM

Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day weekend! John and I were going to go on an epic road trip, but then I was a total curmudgeon and decided I'd rather do day trips instead.

We ventured to San Antonio to check out the Alamo and the River Walk, which was both completely claustrophobic and fun at the same time. It seems like a lot of people had the same idea as us, because the Alamo and River Walk were jam packed. We walked around the Alamo for a while, singing the Davy Crockett theme song and thinking how appropriate it was to visit there on Memorial Day.  We cruised on over to the river afterwards, fighting the urge to judo chop the ultra slow walkers taking up the entire sidewalk in front of us at every turn. Eventually, we found our way to a cute little restaurant that I forgot the name of and ate some fresh guacamole, grilled mushrooms, and coconut shrimp. After we had our fill of food and the sights San Antonio had to offer, we headed back to Austin, making a pit stop at the San Marcos outlets. We beelined it to J.Crew, where we scooped up some great deals on some shirts for John and a giant floppy hat and watercolor skirt for myself.

On Memorial Day, John and I (in my layered eyewear, no less...I really need RX sunnies) drove out to my parent's house to meet them and my sister's fam. My little bro is moving to Houston, so it was a bit of a moving party meets Memorial Day party. We ate, swam, laughed, watched Hatfields & McCoys....and I didn't document a single second of it. D'oh!

What did y'all do over this fun 3 day weekend?

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  1. love your outfit goooorlfrannnd!! the hat totes does it for ya ;) seems to me your weekend was superb.. swimming and family time... that's the beauty of memorial day weekends!!


  2. Looks like so much fun! I love your outfit at the Alamo :)

  3. just remember...the alamo.

  4. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Fresh guacamole and grilled mushrooms? YUM! Love your outfit ;)

  5. Haha the judo chop just about sums up how I feel every time I go to Times Square! Great pictures... sounds like a fun weekend!! And super cute floppy hat.

  6. Layered eyewear is cool. Don't let anyone tell you different!


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