Currently Loving: Abstract Art By Amy Sia

6:32 PM

I absolutely adore Amy Sia's work. I look at it every single day (this piece is my desktop photo right now!), and it just makes me happy. Perhaps color therapy - or chromotherapy, if you want to get all fancy shmancy - isn't a bunch of malarkey after all. We have this big, huge, gaping empty space above our sofa, and I really want to put something of hers there. John says it's wayyyy to girly though....what say you, TMTers?

Wouldn't some of these prints make the coolest wallpaper or dress??? Turns out it might actually be doable, considering Amy is a London-based textile designer. Bring it on, Amy!!

Amy is one clever lady, because it turns out she is offering a gorgeous and affordable line of 100% silk scarves that are printed with her designs. Check them out at Amy's website!

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  1. I see these prints on pinterest all the time and I want them ALL!

  2. I would love to have sheets/pillowcases in some of the more geometric designs. So happy.

  3. I just got warped into these paintings.


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