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What an epic weekend. Little did we know that when we planned to go to the Kite Festival this weekend, so did all of Austin. After what felt like swimming upstream in a sea of cars, we somehow managed to nab a parking spot and walked over to Zilker.  What unfolded once we got there was pure delight and amazement - the sky was FILLED with kites. I know some of you may be thinking, was a kite festival, but wow. I had no idea it was such a popular thing! There were - no kidding- probably around 800 kites in the air (or at least attempting to be in the air).
 I obviously had on the most obnoxious and enormous pair of sunglasses possible. It actually worked out pretty handy to have sunnies the size of a windshield covering my peepers because some kites did take a nosedive straight into my lap. Wouldn't want to accidentally poke an eyeball out. Thank God I live in a city where the motto is "Keep Austin Weird" otherwise I would be in trouble.
We spotted sharks, geometric shapes, octopus, dragons, pirate ships, and even a Gumby kite.
These are my people, and I love them triple max tons to the rad squared. They are the number 1 thing I love most about Austin: being close to family.
It was so much fun helping my nieces and nephews launch their kites into the air....
Go pink, green and purple!
And they did a bang up job keeping them there. The kiddos managed to get their kites flying as high as the wind current - and their strings - would allow. Little kite flying pros, I tell ya.

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  1. That is cool. I have never seen anything like that. Must have been so beautiful to sit and watch

    1. It was such a surprise to see all the kites - I was so not expecting such a huge crowd and collection! It was awesome!!

  2. This looks so fun! I hear Austin is a really fun place and this is just another thing to add to the list :)

    1. It is!!! I absolutely love it here :) Come visit anytime!

  3. LOVEEEEEE this!!! Wish we had something similar in our small town to attend. Love when you get to share these awesome moments with family too!!! Cherish em girlie... looks like you already do!!

  4. this is amazing. go austin and go kites!


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