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This week has been a funny one - it's gone by equally fast and slow. Perhaps it's because I have been in a Photoshop time warp most of the week. I get in the zooooooone when I am working, and there is no ripping my attention away from my comp screen. None. You could probably dangle that j'amazing Chanel purse collection in front of my face and still.....nothing. So, it will be a welcome break to give my eyeballs a rest this weekend (hopefully...it rarely works out like that though). John and I are off to Round Rock tomorrow to celebrate my sweet niece's birthday. How fast she's grown! I was talking to my pal Kristin a bit ago, and I jokingly remarked how funny it was that everyone around us seems to get older, yet we stay the same. Anyone else feel that way? I still see myself as this carefree PYT, when in reality...not so much. I still can't come to the realization that people my age are not only getting married but also having babies, and that it isn't a scandalous piece of gossip! WHEN DID WE BECOME GROWN UPS?! AHHH! Hope you all have a great Friday, and a happy weekend!

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  1. devine.all of it. yes.love it all.

  2. Haha, I had that same conversation last night. My friend goes "Do you realize that it's no longer weird for them to have kids, and it's becoming more strange that we don't?" And then we drank our wine and reflected on that thought. :)

  3. Love all these images :) Have a great weekend, my dear!



  4. Girl you can give me those bags if you don't want em! Have fun this weekend! XO

  5. Oh these images are so beautiful, and let's not talk about those Chanel bags ok? ok!
    Happy weekend!

  6. Totally agree. Time flies when you're having fun!

  7. That shrimp colored dress is divine -- so feminine and flowing! <3

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