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I finally did it. I took the plunge, and chopped off a healthy dose of rather unhealthy and stringy strands. It's funny how hair can act like a grown woman's security blanket. I am so glad I made this change, and am having a fun time whipping my new 'do around.

Wrapped some Christmas gifties in Scandinavian-esque paper from Ikea. Of course, having stated my current adoration of pom poms, I topped the gifts with handmade fluffy yarn poms in red, navy and white hues.

I am sadly not a huge writer of the written know, the kind that involves a pen, paper, and a stamp??? It's really upsetting. Regardless of that fact, I had to snap up these awesome cards during my trip to San Francisco. 

Getting ready to head back to this on Thursday. Blizzardy, blustery and grey-ish blue Boston. That is actually one of my fave photos I snapped when we were living in the South End. The lighting was perfect, and it was such a beautiful day. We emerged from our 'bat cave' apartment under the stairs of our cute brownstone building, and went on a loooong walk to the North End.  I remember my bum was literally frozen numb by the time we got home, haha. I digress. Anyways, I'm super excited to see the family...especially my two sis-in-law's who are super duper preggers mcgreggors!!! Wish that stork would hurry up and make the delivery already. Anxious to meet the little ones. :) Off to pack now. Wishing you all safe travels for the holidays!

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  1. I love your hair! You look super cute! But Boston looks super cold. I am spoiled I realize!

  2. Hair looks fantastic! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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