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This friendship bracelet tutorial from Purl Soho simply rocks. I made a few of these on our most recent road trip, but had no clue how to do the fancy schmancy diamond pattern. I feel so enlightened and colorful all in one fell swoop. Now go grab your craft box stuffed to the brim with embroidery floss (I can't be the only one that has one of these, can I?!) and head on over to Purl Soho to see Molly's awesome friendship bracelet how-to!

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  1. Friendship bracelets are ever a great gift for friends and a lovely item for summer! Those are so cute!!!

  2. Aww they are so well-crafted and cute! Great job!

  3. Aw mannn, I tried to make some of these (with a more difficult tutorial) about a month back and got super annoyed and threw all the stuff out, haha. That I was better at something when I was 6 than at 28 was depressing :)


  4. These are so cute. I love friendship bracelets!

  5. Maybe a month ago I sat down with some blogger friends and attempted to make a friendship bracelet. It was a total disaster and I was sad. Then I found a guy hanging outside the CVS on Boylston St. selling them! Kind of goes against the point of friendship bracelets, but oh well! I have a very nice collection now :D

  6. I want to get on board with this trend but I can't. Simple because I lived it the first time through in the 80's. I could have opened a store I had so much thread laying around.


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