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My pal Megan is a real inspiration....she is just an all around cool gal, a cherished friend, travel extraordinaire (she lived in Hong Kong for what seemed like an eternity), rockstar baker, and avid letter writer. Each time I get a little note in the mail from her, I think to myself, "Self, you really need to send more letters...especially to Meggo. And get the last of your wedding thank yous in the mail. Why haven't you finished your thank yous, bonehead? What's that you say? Etiquette technically says you have a year to send them out? So why do you feel so guilty and lame then? Huh?? Answer that, Self." While I could keep rambling on about my inner monologues, but I would rather rave about Paperwink instead.
Note to self: Must buy this stamp after first home purchase.
I discovered the stationary brand while doing the wedding invitation search and they quickly made it to the top of my "things I covet" list. They make my keyboard and carpal tunnel-ridden hands crave the written word. There is something just super cool about their line of notecards, labels, rubber stamps, calling cards, notebooks, and accessories...a little bit of vintage flair mixed with clean design and loads of personality. I wish I could still walk to Urbanic on my lunch break and pick some of these up....Paperwink, it's time to invade Boston with your pretty papers and more!

A gorgeous calling card....that also happens to make me hungry for avocados.

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  1. I love it. I wish I got more letters rather than emails. When I was in college my boyfriend used to write me all the time. It was so fun!

  2. I love love love getting written letters in mail! its my new favorite thing to send letters to people, its alot more fun to check the mailbox when you get an unexpected letter instead of just getting bills bills and more bills!

  3. I love paper stationary and letterpress, thank you for sharing.


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