Loving Lately 11.19.14

8:00 AM

Petite Pavia Stud Earrings //  A little bit earthy, a little bit glam. Druzy anything is pretty rad, and I love the simplicity of these petite studs by Rifle + Radford.

Gold Foil Cocktail Glasses // I don't think I've ever met my daily requirement of water, but maybe these gilded cups would motivate me to chug, chug, chug a la my glory days in college?

Blaine Bowen Jewelry Sydney Ring // If you know me, you know I have a thing for triangles...especially triangle jewelry. Combine that with some sparkly stones, and you have a winner. Ding ding ding!

Flash Tattoos // The obsession still rages on....my faves for holiday are the simple and classic designs from Josephine and the pretty henna designs in the Sheebani pack, which benefits local Austin charity The Miracle Foundation.

Jonathan Adler 'Muse D'Or' Candle // It's kinda weird, super shiny, smells really good, and you can reuse the vessel to stash your keys, candy or peonies once the candle is burned up. Ambient lighting has never been this cool. 

MCMC Fragrances // I've had Anne's gorgeous line of fragrances on my radar for a while, and I finally got to spritz a few testers at the Aro pop-up at Feliz. I spotted them right as the event was closing and the "get the hell out of here" lights started flickering, so without a moment to second guess myself, I quickly snatched up a bottle of Phoenix because ermahgerd it is the most beautiful scent ever. No regrets. It's incredible.

Paige Leggy Extra Long Ultra Skinny in Mona // Shopping for pants is already an annoying task because I'm 6' tall, and throw my bubble butt into the mix, and it's a straight up pain in the you know what. These super long, super stretchy jeans are like a second skin and a total God send to long-limbed ladies like myself. Adios, chilly ankles.

Chooka Darren Rain Boot // A week prior to ACL, I darted over to DSW and scooped these up as a 'just in case it rains' option, and oh my gosh was I glad I had them. If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you'll know why. ;) I love that they don't scream "I'm a rain boot," you know? 


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  1. I am still SO OBSESSED w flash tats! I have some gold ones up on the blog today :)


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