Bon Weekend!

8:00 AM

Romy Schneider in "Boccaccio ‘70"

Some fun weekend reading...enjoy the winks (weekend links)!

+ John and I devoured House of Cards at an alarmingly fast pace. I also went on a old-school Italian movie binge with lots of Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Netflix is my bitch lover.

+ As a result of aforementioned Italian movie binge, I am genuinely wishing it was 1960 instead of 2014. If I can't live in that super stylish decade, at least I can wear a perfect cat eye a la Sophia Loren and Romy Schneider. This FACE Stockholm eyeliner is by far the best I've ever tried. You're welcome.

+ The new LAND collection by Austin fave Son of a Sailor has my name written all over it.

+ I'm already a big fan of Embryolisse and Homeoplasmine, so I'm taking Into The Gloss's guide to French pharmacies to heart. Now if it were only in the cards to high-tail it to Paris. Le siiiigh.

+ I have been dying to go to Marfa since before we moved to Austin, and it is certainly a heck of a lot more likely than heading to Paris (unless we are taking about Paris, Texas....which we are not and won't ever). This trip recap on Grown-Up Shoes has me ready to road trip it to this artsy oasis at the drop of a hat.

+ Spring is here (finally)! That means lots of al fresco dining, Topo Chico (yay for Costco), and these pretty marble coasters.


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  1. been meaning to start house of cards! everyone says that show is amaze.

  2. dying to watch HofC-- heard great things from many good tv shows, so little time! ;)


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