Loving Lately 9.9.13

9:00 AM

1. Super long hair // I decided to grow my hair out....Rapunzel status. It's a slow and arduous process, and I started taking some biotin vitamins to help speed things up. Bonus that my nails will also get a healthy boost. Here's to hoping my palm tree-like split ends don't annoy me too much, and make me beg for a chop chop chop before I reach 'mermaid hair' lengths. (Image via Pinterest)

2. Madewell D'Orsay Black Flats // I need to get some new black flats for fall....a cute pair that goes with skinny jeans and dresses, and can easily be dressed up or down. With the basic shape but cool details like that heel cut-out and two-textured toe, I think these lovelies fit the bill!

3. New Earrings // I couldn't resist any longer. These earrings would literally taunt me with their simple lines and cute triangle penants every time I walked by them at Co-Star (which is quite frequently). I finally made them mine, and have been wearing them non-stop.

4. West Elm Marble Print Pillows // I am constantly on the hunt for lighting and pillows. The lighting situation is a hot mess in our house, but we are pretty ok on pillows...so says John. I don't think you can ever have too many. I inherited that mantra from my mom. So, with that in mind, this marbled delight in a pretty blue is definitely on my wish list.

5. Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub // Whenever I am in close proximity to a Trader Joe's, I stock up on this super affordable but ultra luxe salt scrub. It's like a moisturizing spa treatment from the south of France for $6....can't beat that. Or the intoxicating scent and uber-soft skin afterwords. Literally counting down the days until TJ's opens up in Austin!

6. Recent Reads // I love me some Jim Gaffigan.  I also love me some Greetings from Texas. It makes 100% sense that my two most recent reads brought on some major belly laughs. Get Dad is Fat and 99 Problems But A Baby Ain't One ASAP.

7. CAS Handmade // My super sweet sister from another mister (sister-in-law if you want to get technical) picked up this adorable handmade painted linen clutch by CAS Handmade at a farmer's market for my birthday. Thank you so so so much, Christy and Elizabeth - I love it!

8. The Perfect Pink Polish // A whole lot of neon, orange, metallic silver and blue has donning my digits as of late, so my hunt for the perfect soft pink began. The reqs? No shimmer, no sparkles, and not too sheer. With family photos in a few hours and my nails in a horrendous state, I ran into CVS when we were in Connecticut last week and wanted to get something cheap that I wouldn't mind tossing if TSA wouldn't allow my already overflowing bag of liquids through the security check when we headed back home. Turns out, this pink hue for a cool $2 is my new fave.


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  1. Me gusta for the love! Good luck with the hair growing! I just hit a plateau and think I have to cut mine. It's just gross. Miss you!

  2. Those are adorable flats!

    Check out the giveaway on my blog

  3. All good stuff, esp that book by Mrs. Silianoff. You're a brave one with the hair - just don't let it get to your butt. That's not stylish, it's creepy. PS - Eliza would like to be a contributor.


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