Austin Eats: Brunch At Épicerie

9:00 AM

Épicerie, a small French grocery/bistro in the Rosedale neighborhood, caused a heck of a lot of controversy when in the 'planning to open' phase. I bet the residents who were anti-Épicerie feel pretty stupid right about now, because daaaaaang this place is amazing. After one too many "oh, I've heard about that place but haven't been" conversations, John and I recently went to check it out after we ran some errands in that part of town.

I didn't know what to expect really, but all I can say is my jaw dropped when we walked in. I mean, the place is super cute from the outside, but the inside? Ermahgerd, I died. It's a light-filled heaven of dark navy walls, slick Carrera marble, copper lighting, bubble chandeliers, baguettes, cheese, wine....I wanted to move in. Seriously. Just make that place my personal B&B. After mulling over a small but appetizing brunch menu, we both got the pastrami hash. It was awesome. Small portions, though - but the ingredients were all prepared to perfection. Next time I make a hash (which would coincidentally be the first...not a lot of hashing in this household), I am totally copycatting and putting apples in there. It's magical in that dish. We polished our meal off with housemade beignets, because they are housemade warm beignets drenched in powdered sugar, for heaven's sake. Might as well call them Kryptonite.


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