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If you could jet off to any locale in the world for an all-expense paid weekend jaunt, where would you go??? I would travel somewhere close-ish to home (don't want to spend all my time up in the air!) and wherever copious amounts of SPF are required,  there are plenty of coconuts to eat, where drinks come with umbrellas, where sandy toes are a way of life, and where the warm aqua water beckons me to swim and snorkle (never mind that I hyperventilated last time I went....but try and try again I shall). In other words, helllloooooo Mexico....

What have y'all got planned? Same old, same old on our for the house at thrift and consignment shops, perhaps a DIY ottoman project on the horizon once the dust from our living room bookshelf reno clears. Thinking I'll be needing some sassy bright velvet fabric very soon for that one.

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  1. I would go anywhere that those amazing colors exist. Incredible.

  2. I can't wait for the velvet! And seriously?? I've been trying not to crave a vacation and now you got me back on it. Beach, please.....

    Kate from Clear the Way


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