TMT's Closet: Neon Casual

12:49 PM


The circus....wait, no...I mean the family, is in town and that means one thing: fun times ahead (complete with kiddie snot rockets - wooooohoooo!). We wanted to give these awesome East Coasters a taste of a tiny, truly Texas town so we rallied the troops and headed down to Gruene, Texas yesterday. General consensus was that it was a good time - we walked around visiting a few of the shops, ate lunch, and played tag in the open fields. The supermodel-in-the-making standing next to me is my sweet niece, E. She's pretty darn adorable, gorgeous, and loves stripes just like her Auntie KK. See that dress she's wearing? She saved up all her pennies and bought that with her very own dinero. What are y'all saving your pennies for right now?? I'm not going to lie...I have my eye on this. I'm basically going to be saving for eternity because it costs a freakload of pennies.

PS Pretty much everything I am wearing is either from many seasons ago, sample sales, or flea markets...go figure. The Stone & Honey necklace is still around though....aaaaand that's about it.

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  1. family fun times are so much better with snot rockets.


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